Gun Store "Kedr"

Weapon Shop in KEDR Kirovograd

Thank you for showing interest in our company!

On August 28, 2015, the leadership of PE "SB KEDR" has decided to expand commercial activity in the area of non-military arms trade. The key to our success was a cooperation with the already-established leaders in the world and Ukrainian markets. PE "SB KEDR" is the official dealer of the Ukrainian company "Zbroyar", and the official representative of the Turkish company "Huglu". Products of these companies are in high demand among hunters, sportsmen and fans of good weapons. Currently, we are actively working to develop a dealer network for "Huglu" brand, which will allow us to expand our customer base in Ukraine. Another one of our partners is "Hertz", which is manufacturing and installing combat and sports shooting ranges, and manufacturing accessories for rifles and shotguns.

Even though we are proud of our achievements, we are constantly pushing for change and progress.

Plans of PE "SB KEDR" include construction of a shooting range and a shooting gallery, following the most modern standards, that will please any shooters or hunters without a doubt.

At the gun store "KEDR" you will not only find a product that will fit your ideals, but also receive the advice in the selection process, and necessary assistance in taking care of and repairing your weapons.

"KEDR" - is not just a store, it's a place that brings together all like-minded people who have something in common - a love of weapons.